Commanding Officer - LCDR DAN TINNEY

Executive Officer - LT. JON STEINHOFF

Operations Officer - LTJG. DAVID ANSCOMB



We’re really glad that you’ve decided to visit our program!
We have Drill or training one weekend each month. The weekend begins at 1800 (6pm) on Friday and lasts until 1000
(10am) Sunday and we stay right on base at Camp Grayling. Drill weekends are filled with different activities depending
on the time of year and other factors. When you come for a visit you will need to do a couple of things,

First, please make sure you indicate who will be coming on base so we can have you on the roster for the base guards.

Second, please bring the following items:

Sleeping bag/ bedding and a pillow
Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, soap, deodorant
Clothing for two nights and two days - most cadets wear sweat pants
and T-shirts for night and jeans and sweatshirts for day
Towel and washcloth, flip-flops for use in the shower stalls
Gym shoes
(The clothes you bring may get dirty and possibly muddy so bring play type clothes.)

The charge for the visitor weekend is $25.00 per person. This covers the cost of 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners
and the cost of the use of the barracks for 2 nights.  We try to visit the PX (Post Exchange) on the base once during
the weekend, so the cadet may want some extra spending cash ($5.00 would be appropriate).  Items such as snack
foods, candy, pop, and military items can be purchased at the PX at a cost below other stores.


Most weekends include some of the following activities:
Learning/practicing knot tying (marlinespike), line handling, close order drills (marching), knock out drills (competitive
marching and movements), physical fitness training (PRT’s), Close Quarters Combat Training (CQC), and basic military
requirement worksheets (BMR’s). We also have special guests from different branches of military service speak to the
cadets about their time in the military.
Sometimes an impromptu game of Capture the Flag or football, basketball or a movie is shown in the evening.
     Cadets wake at 0600 (6am) and have lights out at 2200 (10pm).  A fire watch is posted each night and 2 cadets
patrol the barracks as a safety and security precaution (just like the real Navy).


All paperwork will be provided to you and will need to be completed before being accepted into the program.  Some of
the required forms are:    
        Cadet Application And Agreement
        Report of Medical Examination (school sports physical copy)
        Report of Medical History
        Immunization Records

       Cadets are required to have a regulation haircut - this means hair can be no longer than 2 inches, cut above the
ears and off the collar.  Girls need to wear their hair up.  They are also expected to come to meetings with their
uniforms and clothing neat and pressed and their shoes polished.
       Cadets can miss meetings without being penalized.  We all have other obligations sometimes.  If a cadet knows
that he/she will be unable to attend an event or meeting, they need to contact one of the officers listed on the
newsletter.  (Newsletters will be emailed to each cadet and parent monthly giving information on upcoming events and
weekend drill dates and details.
       Cadets are never locked into the program.  If at any time the cadet decides to leave the unit, they only need to
turn in their complete sea bag  and notify one of the officers listed. We hate to see anyone leave, but the League
Cadets and Sea Cadets are not for everyone. The Sea Cadet program offers young people a taste of the navy life and
also provides some great opportunities that most young adults never get.


Sign up and yearly membership: $90.00 for both Sea Cadets and or League Cadets. This covers ID cards, HQ
administration and insurance premiums.

Monthly Drill: $35.00 covers base fee and food costs. Please note: $10.00 will go into an account to cover yearly
renewal fee.

Sea bag deposit: $110.00 for the sea bag (duffle bag) containing uniforms, other clothing and gear.  This is fully
refundable if the cadet leaves the unit and returns all of the issued clothing and associated gear.

Uniform Name Tapes: $20.00 for all necessary nametapes and other insignia for cadet uniforms.

Trainings and Boot Camp: These vary depending on type of training.

Your cadet’s sea bag will include all necessary clothing (Dress uniforms, working uniforms, etc. and gear associated
with his or her time in the Sea Cadet program. Cadets will need to provide white undershirts, white underwear, tennis
shoes, black socks, and a plain black swimsuit (one piece for girls).  Please Note: In some cases we may not have all
the clothing items for smaller League cadets and adjustments will be made case by case. If you cannot afford the
associated costs with joining the program please contact one of the officers for information on possible help.


•        Swimming, kayaking/boating in Lake Margarete at Camp
Grayling (during the summer)
•        Performing memorial services for organizations
•        Flag dedications and parades
•        Regional Flagship competition- the unit competes against other
units from Michigan in basic seamanship skills
•        Warrior Weekend - a joint training with other units led by
military personnel
•        Weekends aboard WW2 submarines and Landing ships
•        Attending Boot Camp for Sea Cadets- 10 days of training at
Great Lakes Naval Recruiting Center in Chicago                
•        Attending Boot Camp for League Cadets- 7 days of training at a location in Michigan
•        Advanced training - (see the section ON THE HORIZON)
     Sea Cadets and League Cadets can also advance in rank from apprentice (beginning rank) to Leading Petty
Officer First Class (and Chief Petty Officer for Sea Cadets).  Cadets study materials and do worksheets and take tests
to advance.  As cadets advance, they gain more responsibility in the unit and more respect from their shipmates.  
Every cadet’s goal is to be Leading Petty Officer and be in charge of the unit!

    Cadets can earn ribbons and appurtenances (small pins to put on the ribbons) for participating in activities and
doing well in the program.  Some of these ribbons are:
       President’s Physical Fitness ribbon, recruiting ribbon (cadets can earn this by inviting other young people to join),
color guard ribbon (Awarded for participating in 10 parades), year ribbon (given when the cadet has been in the
program for 3 months), academic achievement (awarded for being on the honor roll at school), a bronze boot (for
attending boot camp), meritorious conduct, silver and gold stars are added to ribbons for extra achievements, and


Sea cadets can attend special training sessions (TWT) around the U.S. and the world!
       Some of the opportunities are training on submarines, aircraft carriers, coast guard cutters, and frigates.  Cadets
have the opportunity to train with SEALs, Seabees, and Airmen.  They can also attend special trainings to make them
better cadets like MAA school (Master at Arms training) and POLA school (Petty Officer Leadership training).  Some of
the trainings are nearby, like serving on the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw or Katmai Bay or working at the Coast
Guard stations in Frankfurt or Charlevoix.
       Cadets can even participate in exchange programs to places like Bermuda, Australia, Canada, Japan, or on the
HMS Bristol in England.  These exchange opportunities and trainings are usually quite reasonably priced (usually
$100-$150), but the cost of transportation to and from the location is up to the cadet.
       League cadets can attend advanced training aboard the Grey Fox after attending boot camp.  They may also
attend other advanced trainings in the U.S.
       We hope that this has given you some of the information that you need to make a decision to try or join the Naval
Sea Cadet Corps.  We look forward to having you come aboard.

Cost break down
$90.00 - Sign up and yearly renewal fee
$110.00 - Sea bag deposit (One Time)
$20.00 - Name tapes and insignias (One Time)

$35.00 - Monthly Weekend